Concrete Steps


Steenberg Construction has been building concrete steps and stairways for many years. Our experience is evident in the quality and durability of every project. We ensure all risers are smooth, even and uniform in height. Your steps will be custom fit to match your doors, sidewalks and driveway.

Why Concrete?

We truly believe in the use of concrete for exterior steps. Our harsh Minnesota weather is not kind to wood, brick or composite materials. Concrete offers the durability and longevity required for safe conditions for you and your loved ones.

The Process

Your old step (concrete, brick or wood) is removed and hauled away. Once the area is cleaned up, the step footings are inspected. All exterior concrete steps or stoops that are next to your house must rest on frost protected footings. The footings can be block, poured concrete wall, or concrete post footings. All footings must be a minimum of 42 inches deep. The step footings are either determined sufficient or new footings will be installed.

The step is formed using construction lumber and braced with 2 x 4 stakes and kickers. Minnesota building code requires the step rise to be no larger than seven and three quarter (7.75) inches and the run to be no less than ten (10) inches. The landing out the door must be at least three (3) feet before the first step. Any set of steps with more than three (3) risers requires a hand rail.

Once the forms are set, concrete is poured, leveled off, and allowed to set to a specific consistency. At this time, the forms are removed and the sides and riser faces are finished and broomed to a uniform texture. No lumber is left on the step when we are done.

We always clean up after ourselves. You’ll be left with no mess or major debris.


Give us a call at 651-492-8074. We’ll be glad to discuss your particular environment and ideas.


Areas We Serve

Steenberg Construction is proud to serve the entire Twin Cities metro area, including the following cities:

Inver Grove Heights, Saint Paul, Woodbury, Maplewood, South St. Paul, Cottage Grove, Rosemount,  Eagan, Bloomington, Mendota Heights