Concrete Driveways Minnesota

If your driveway or apron is in need of replacement, now is the time to consider a concrete solution from Steenberg Construction. Whether you are looking for a new driveway or apron, or replacing an existing one that has run its course, choosing concrete from a trusted professional is a smart decision for homeowners and commercial properties in Minnesota. Concrete driveways are clean, beautiful and durable, and they also add value to your home. With the highest quality concrete, you can enjoy many benefits including:


Even in our harsh Minnesota weather, a properly constructed and maintained concrete driveway can last more than two times longer than an asphalt driveway. Many concrete driveways around the Twin Cities Metro Area are in great condition, despite being built twenty or thirty years ago. With proper installation by a trusted professional like Steenberg Construction, you can expect to have a durable and beautiful driveway for years to come. Steenberg Construction is your Minnesota leader in Concrete Driveways.


“Curb Appeal” is another way to describe the first impression of your home. Since your driveway is often the first thing your guests see, it’s a very large contributor to curb appeal. The refined look and feel of a concrete driveway just cannot be matched.


A concrete driveway may cost more per square foot than an asphalt driveway, but has a longer life than asphalt. When you consider the cost of your driveway over its lifetime, concrete is a smart investment that will save money in the long run and increases the value of your home.


Minnesota summers can be very hot at times and an asphalt driveway will absorb heat and soften. This doesn’t happen with concrete. It stays hard and provides a cool, consistent surface for service and activities. It also stays smooth with less catching of snowblowers and shovels.


The clean sides of a concrete driveway provide bright, defined borders for your landscaping, and match the appearance of walkways and other areas of your home. Concrete is also more resistant to weeds and grass growing through the paving than asphalt.




Areas We Serve

Steenberg Construction is proud to serve the entire Twin Cities metro area, including the following cities:

Inver Grove Heights, Saint Paul, Woodbury, Maplewood, South St. Paul, Cottage Grove, Rosemount,  Eagan, Bloomington, Mendota Heights