Chimney Repair

Your chimney is an important part of your home since it provides function as well as beauty. It is critical to ensure it is structurally sound and protects against water and exhaust leaks. A collapsing or leaking chimney may lead to costly water damage. Worse yet, a chimney which allows for smoke or fumes to enter your home is extremely dangerous for you and your family.

The Process

Steenberg has been repairing chimneys for many years, so you can be assured our work is done right. We take the time to carefully inspect your chimney for damage. We assess what areas are in good condition and what areas need repairs or replacement. You are then provided with our recommendations and an estimate(s) for the project. Our goal is your satisfaction. You will have a strong, beautiful chimney for years.


Along with ensuring your chimney is structurally sound, you also want it to look nice. After all, it is a part of your home’s exterior and contributes to its curb appeal. We work with you to make sure your chimney looks great. This includes color matching and careful selection of bricks for optimum aesthetics.


The cap (also called a crown) is the metal piece at the top of your chimney. It consists of a simple “roof”, frame and mesh screen. A proper cap is required to protect your chimney, fireplace/furnace and home’s interior from rain, snow, birds, bats and rodents. We install only high quality caps and use careful measurements to ensure proper water runoff. We also recommend installing a drip ledge to further direct water away from the structure. Keeping water out is important because it can cause a great deal of damage and degradation which will shorten the life of your chimney and related areas of your home.


Often, fixing the brick is only part of the solution. Finding the cause of the problem is critical. It is how we ensure you won’t have to rebuild your chimney again in the near future. To solve problems, we identify and address a variety of repairs:


Removing mortar joints in between the bricks and inserting fresh mortar. If the bricks are loose, this process is not the best option and rebuilding may be needed.

Brick Spalling 

Brick Spalling is when the face of the bricks are falling apart or flaking off. This is typically caused by moisture or fumes penetrating the bricks – the problem may be caused from the exterior (moisture) or interior (exhaust fumes). Normally, if your bricks have spalling, a rebuild will be required.

Broken or Cracked Bricks

Chimney repairs are often needed when something went wrong at the top of the structure. Often the crown or wash became cracked or separated, allowing water to penetrate and degrade the bricks. We are experts at matching your original bricks, but in some cases this is not possible. We quickly recognize those that cannot be matched perfectly and often recommend a total rebuild instead of repairs. 

Crowns Washes, Cement Caps

This is the poured concrete or a section of mortar on top of the chimney which prevents water from running into the chimney stack. It seals the gap between the brick and flue liner. Chimney crowns slope away from the flue to direct the water down the outside of the bricks. If your Crown cracks or breaks apart, the water will seep into the chimney stack causing expensive damage.



Give us a call at 651-492-8074. We’ll be glad to discuss your particular environment and ideas. For those with existing concrete patios, we also offer repairs and resurfacing.


Areas We Serve

Steenberg Construction is proud to serve the entire Twin Cities metro area, including the following cities:

Inver Grove Heights, Saint Paul, Woodbury, Maplewood, South St. Paul, Cottage Grove, Rosemount,  Eagan, Bloomington, Mendota Heights