Concrete Garage Aprons

The apron is the section of concrete (often called cement) that extends two to six feet out from the front of the garage. It is very common for homes in the twin cities area to need of apron replacement, which is a separate need from complete driveway replacement. Sunken concrete or asphalt where the driveway meets the garage floor is a problem that can cause exposure, and therefore damage, to the foundation. At Steenberg Construction, we are experts at concrete repairs and we inspect the area thoroughly, looking for any foundation damage that may have already occurred.

How it Works

The first step is to remove your existing apron, regardless of its construction (concrete or asphalt). Then your foundation will be inspected and permanently repaired, if required. We thoroughly repair and fill all voids, which prevents water intrusion and additional damage. Once this is done, it will last the lifetime of your home. Even if your driveway or apron is replaced again in the future, you will be saved the expense of repairing the foundation again. Repairing the foundation also prevents further settling and erosion of your apron and driveway.

Tip: Here in Minnesota, we recommend applying a sealer in the fall to help keep harmful chemicals from penetrating the surface. This will protect and increase the life of your new concrete apron.


Areas We Serve

Steenberg Construction is proud to serve the entire Twin Cities metro area, including the following cities:

Inver Grove Heights, Saint Paul, Woodbury, Maplewood, South St. Paul, Cottage Grove, Rosemount,  Eagan, Bloomington, Mendota Heights